About the 933 Bridge Project

South Bend art studio cstackstudios was brought on to undertake the renovation and beautification of the pedestrian bridge that runs across 933 between Angela Blvd and Northshore Ave. The pedestrian bridge is the northern gateway into the city and has been due for a face-lift to better reflect the continual progress of South Bend.

Over the course of the summer local artists, volunteers, and students have created a mural to enhance this entryway into the city.  Artist Christopher Stackowizc highlighted local architecture in the mural to create something that incorporates the history of our Studebaker heyday and the possibilities of our future.  The 933 Bridge Project is the first of several projects that are slated over the course of the next five years, designed to help with the revitalization of the area.

The goal is to be able to help facilitate the physical transformation our city and its community deserve, to be the place that we all recognize it can be.  With all cstackstudio projects we welcome the inclusion of local artists and volunteers as it allows individuals to take part in the enhancement of their city.   We are excited to be involved as South Bend begins another stage of its continuous development in an effort to unlock its true potential.

This project is one of several that developed out of the Actionable Economic Development Forum, a group of local leaders from business, city government and the Chamber of Commerce, which was convened in the spring by the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County. Together, this group of 40 worked through a process led by project consultant Nick Easley to identify specific local economic and social challenges, brainstorm solutions, and then launch fast-track pilot projects to address them—achieving significant results in a short period of time.

The Actionable Economic Development Forum was made possible by the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, the University of Notre Dame, Judd Leighton Foundation and Union Station Technology Center.

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